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Dear Colleagues,

The Chin Christian University welcomes you to go on a pilgrimage with us. CCU is committed to preparing faithful and capable leaders for the people of Myanmar. Here you will experience spiritual and intellectual growth through encounter with the transforming word of God. As you enter the campus you will see the following distinctiveness.

1. Delightful Location

Hakha is not only the capital of Chin State but also the centre of Chin State. It is the junction where five major motorways directly linked with big towns of Chin State meet. There are express bus services: Ayechain, Hakha-Mann, Taungzalat, Chintaungtan and Zalatphyu that directly go to Mandalay, the second capital of Myanmar; Chintaungtan, Ayechian and Shwechinteh that go to Kaleymyo, where the nearest airport is located. CCU is situated on a beautiful green hill called “Lungtat Chiahrawn” at Cawbuk block about two miles from the central town that provides a perfect setting for thoughtful study and ministerial formation. It is near the Hakha-Matupi motorway. In fact, CCU is located at the heart of Chin State.

2. Variety of Courses

We provide courses thatare related not only to theological fields but also to other areas of study. In the whole Chin State, CCU is the only university where one can learn Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies and Bachelor of Business Administration courses. It also offers Chin language courses.

3. Ecumenical and Confessional

People, coming from different religious backgrounds and ethnic groups from different parts of Myanmar, form the CCU community. They bring with them their majestic ecclesiastical and cultural traditions. This close contact with other parts of the Church and of the country gives CCU’s students an ecumenical vantage point. However, CCU is confessional in the sense that it was founded by and is mainly supported by Baptist churches.

At CCU, you will participate in learning activities that allow God to open your heart and mind to become more mature in Christ, regardless of your denominational/ecclesiastical affiliation, gender, age or background. Once again, we look forward to having you to make a pilgrimage with us because our life together will be enriched by your participation.

Henry Siang Kung

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    First Semester Examinations

    June 09, 2018

    First Semester Examination Schedule

    Start Date End Date
    20 September 2018 (Thursday) 28 September 2018 (Friday)


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    Second Semester Examination

    June 10, 2018

    Senior students:

    • Starts on 25 February 2019, ends on 1 March 2019

    Junior students:

    • Starts on 28 February 2018, ends on 7 March 2019.

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    Admission Announcement

    June 10, 2018

    CCU Thawngthanh (Voi 2nak)

    CCU 2018-2019 Cacawn Kum ah avoi 1nak thawngthanh 2 June 2018 ah kan thanh cang i atu hi kan thanh tthanmi a si. Tukum tanghra result a chuah hnu in CCU ah cacawn a duhmi ca ah 14 June 2018 tiang luhnak onh a si. Application form 14 June tiang cohlan a si lai i 15 June 2018 ah luhnak camipuai (BTh lawng) phit a si lai. Kai khawhmi cawnnak hna cu kum 4 course an si hna.

         BTh (Bachelor of Theology)
         DipTh (Diploma in Theology)
    Liberal Arts:
         BAE (Bachelor of Art in English Language Studies
         BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

    Nihin 8 June 2018 tiang ah siangngakchia dihlak 340 an si.

    Theology program siangngakchia thar 72 le hlun 94, fonh 166 an si.

    Liberal Arts program siangngakchia thar 44 le hlun 62, fonh 106 an si.

    Liberal Art Diploma programs siangngakchia thar Diploma in English (DipEng) ah 18, Diploma in Business Administration (DipBA) ah 50, fonh 68 an si.

    Theology siseh, Liberal Arts siseh cachimtu tlamtlingte in um lio a si. Phundang in chim ahcun tulio hi CCU ah cachimtu ttha an um lio le an tlin lio a si.

    Tukum 2018-2019 Academic Year ah tanghra result a fian hnu in kan fanau cacawn a duhmi hna ca ah CCU nih 14 June 2018 tiang luhnak caan onh a si.

    CCU website link http://www.ccu.edu.mm/admin/cms/academic%20application ah hin Application Form lak/download khawh a si.

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    CCU Thanglawi Vol. 16, No. 3, 2019

    March 23, 2019

    CCU nih thlakhat ah voi khat kan chuah tawn mi lak ah 

    pakhat a si ve mi CCU Thanglawi Vol.  16, No. 3, 2019 asi.



  • News

    Fees for 2019-2020 Academic Year

    March 23, 2019

    2019-2020 Fees

    Tuition Fees

     1. MDiv & BBA  - Ks. 400,000/-

    2. BTh, DipTh, BMin, BAE - Ks. 350,000/-

    3. DipEng, BRE, MACS - Ks. 300,000/- 

      A dangdang (Petty Fees)

    1. MDiv, BBA, BTh, BRE, MACS  DipTh, BMin, BAE  -Ks. 80,000/-

    2. Dip Eng   -Ks. 44,000/-

    3. Messing (Eidin ca)  -Ks. 220,000/-

  • News

    CCU 2019-2020 Calendar

    April 25, 2019

    Chin Christian University 

    Hakha, Chin State

    2019-2020 Academic Year Calendar



  • News

    Skype Online Class

    November 14, 2019

    Skype Online Class

    Pathian khuakhan hi khuaruahhar a si. Ram dang ah kan miphun an kal tikah voi tampi cu Pu Sawm Hei hla bang an kal lai kan i thlahnak Kaa-Keih            ah ngaihchiatnak mitthli tamtuk a luang. Asinain cu mitthli cu Pathian nih lawmhnak mitthli ah a can ter. Lai Baptist Church, DC Region i mino nih CCU i BAE le BBA siangngakchia kha cacawn Nikhat Ni in Ninga Ni tiang zinglei sml 8:30 – 9:30 suimilam pakhat chung ni fatin skype in ca an chimh hna. Kan fale caah san a tlaih zia le a hlawk zia cu hmurka in chim khawh lo tiang khi a si. An cung ah kan i lawm ngaingai. Online in cachimh hi 2014 in kan thawk. Skype tlam a tlin khawh nakhnga internet bunhnak a kan bawmtu bik cu Roger Strait Foundation a si.

    Tu kum 2019-2020 Academic Year Second Semester zong a thar in kai hram kan thawk than cang. Cawnnak ah a tlam a tling khawh deuh nak ding caah LBC DC mino (Youths) pawl nih Internet Connection a that deuh nak hnga an kan bawmh. An cungah lunglawmh nak tampi kan ngei.

  • News

    CCU Sport Day

    February 10, 2020

    CCU sport day cu Jan 31 in 1 February tiang kan tuah. Sport day ah Group 6 in then a si.

    1. Sang Ling 4. Cuai Sang

    2. Van Lo      5. Sang Fen

    3. Van Bik      6. Alumni

    Kum dang tuah tawn bantuk nak in tha deuh le nuam deuh in kan tuah. Sport day ah zuamnak a phunphun in caan kan hmang. Cu zuamnak CCU Alumni group nih tu kum CCU Sport day campion an hmu.