A. Student Council

So as to promote a spirit of community, service and self-government, our University has a Student Council, which is governed by bylaws prepared by the students and approved by the faculty.

The aims of this council are:

  • to promote fellowship, unity and understanding among the students;
  • to promote witnessing for Christ inside and outside the campus;
  • to promote coordination between staff and student body in carrying out campus work, gospel activities, athletic program, financial matter, social program, publication, and
  • to cooperate with students of other universities and colleges.


The Office Bearers of the Student Council are:

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Assistant Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Assistant Treasurer


Under the umbrella of Student Council, there are the following committees:

            1. Messing Committee

            2. E & M Committee

            3. Agriculture Committee

            4. Health Committee

            5. Athletic Committee

            6. Finance Committee

            7. Decoration Committee

            8. Social Committee

            9. Literature Committee

            10. Livestock Committee

            11. Carpenter Committee

            12. Music Committe

            13. Women Committee

            14. Dormitory Committee (Dorm father and mother are chosen for male and female hostels)

The backbone of Student Council is an Executive Committee which comprises of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurers, Auditors, Chairpersons of sub-committees, Dorm Father and Mother, class representatives, and Dean of Students from the faculty as advisor. Each sub-committee is empowered to make decision and carry out its programs. The Student Council is very effective since every student is given the opportunity to prove himself or herself in leadership, social dealings, administrative and financial trustworthiness, emotional and spiritual maturity and social welfare among others.

The students have the right to make proposal to the FacultyCouncil. Volunteer students are invited as library helpers. 


B. Chaplaincy Department

Hoping that it would serve as a stimulant for the promotion of students’ spiritual life, the university conducts devotion service every dayfrom Monday to Friday, and vesper services on every Thursday evening. All faculty members as well as the students are requested to participate without fail and take turn to lead the devotion service.

Prayer Day and David Van Bik Lecture Day are the special occasions on which all faculty and staff members, students and invited guests meet together and discuss various subjects considered to be helpful in uplifting the spiritual life of the students.

Sport Day is also included in the university calendar. It is a two-day program. On this Sport Day faculty, staff and students play together various kinds of sport and have a worship service in the evening and after the service have a dinner together, which is cooked by the staff and the students. On the Sweet December eve staff and students play together various kinds of games during the day and at night first have a worship service and after that have a carol singing program. The funfete program is a good occasion for the staff and students to work together very intimately. For the University all these programs are something like a picnic. They are special times and occasions for the staff and the students to spend time together merrily. All observe Sunday by attending morning worship services at different churches in the town, noon services and Worship Service in English in the evening.

Some churches in Hakha town put CCU Sunday in their ecclesiastical calendar. This is the kindness of the local people which makes the students feel at home. On CCU Sunday, students and faculty of CCU normally lead worship service through preaching, singing and prayers. Students usually invite Christian youths from the town churches and play football and volleyball as a means to foster a spirit of understanding and brotherhood among the young people. All students can enjoy playing ringball, badminton and volleyball around their dormitory. A special room is available for playing table tennis.

The University life is very much like a family because of close relationship between staff and students, mutual love and concern, and the sense of understanding and responsibility. Students are daily doing campus works, general cleaning of dorms and classes. They take turns to go for shopping every morning. They share each other’s burden and take care of each other in time of illness and sorrow.


C. Commuter Students

CCU strives to be communities of learners who help each other grow through academic study and personal interaction. More than half of the learners live off campus, and it is important that these learners be an integral part of the life of the community. BRE classes are at Nawl Tling Villa in the downtown, and the BRE students always participate in every school activity and benefit so much from personal and spiritual interaction with the faculty and on-campus students.


D. Residential Students and Hostel Life

In principle, all students who come from outside Hakha town are required to live in the dormitory so that they can fully participate in all aspects of the life of CCU community as well as learn how to live and work with persons of different temperaments and backgrounds. Because we consider the students to be adults, the dormitory life is expected to be largely self-directed according to rules and regulations.