Board of Trustees

The Chin Association for Christian Communication at its Triennial Meeting elects the Board of Trustees of the University for three-year term including the President. It is made up of twenty six members: Two from CACC OC (General Secretary and Chairperson); six from CCU (President, Vice President, Academic Dean, Registrar, Dean of Students Affairs, and Treasurer); the General Secretary of the Alumni Association of CCU (AAC); the immediate former President of CCU; seven from head pastors or their representatives of seven supporting churches; four from the General Secretaries or their representatives of four supporting associations; five from professional and entrepreneurial background.
Currently, as chosen by CACC’s Triennial meeting in 2018, the Board of Trustees is constituted as follows.

Chairperson: Rev Dr Za That (General Secretary, CACC)
Secretary: Rev Dr Luke Sui Kung Ling (President, CCU)
1. Dr Siang Zi (Vice President, CCU)
2. Pastor Biak Hlem (Academic Dean, CCU)
3. Saya Bawi Tawng (Registrar, CCU)
4. Pastor Peter Hrang Lian Thang (Dean of Students Affairs, CCU)
5. Head of BAE
6. Head of BBA
7. Pu Biak Cung (Treasurer, CCU)

8. Pastor Lian Tin Sang (General Secretary, AAC)
9. Rev Dr Henry Siang Kung (The immediate former President of CCU)
10. Rev Dr Thawng Hlei Thang, Senior Pastor, Hakha Baptist Church.
11. Rev Nawl Cung Lian, Senior Pastor, Zion Baptist Church, Hakha.
12. Rev Dr Lal Pek Lian, Senior Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church, Hakha.
13. Rev Za Mang, Senior Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church, Hakha.
14. Rev Ram Kian, Senior Pastor, Hakha Thar Baptist Church, Hakha.
15. Rev Dr Sang Cung Uk, Church Pastor, Thantlang Baptist Church, Thantlang.
16. Rev Dr Lal Uk, Church Pastor, Johnson Memorial Baptist Church, Thantlang.
17. Rev Chan Peng Hmung (General Secretary, HBA)
18. Rev Za Mang (Chairperson, CACC)
19. Rev John Yin (AGS, CACC)
20. Rev Dr Tawk Lian Bawi (General Secretary, TABC)
21. Rev Khar Luai (General Secretary, CBA)
22. Rev Za Thang (General Secretary, ZPBA)
23. Pu Sonny Thang Cung (Lawyer)
24. Dr Hmuh Thang (Medical Doctor and Politician)
25. Dr Bawi Cin Tial (Medical Doctor, OG)
26. Dr Aye Aye Ngun (Advisor of Hakha University)
27. Dr Sang Hlei (Advisor of Hakha University)
28. Pu Tha Peng (Engineer)

The BT has the highest authority which includes extending new programs upon the recommendation of the Faculty Council and is responsible for all matters relating to new appointments, confirmations, resignations and dismissals of the teaching staff of the University.
It also looks into the annual budget of the University submitted by the University Finance & Property Committee and further submits it to the Board of Management and Triennial Meeting of CACC for approval. It has the right to approve and amend bylaws, rules and regulations of the University recommended by the Faculty Council.