Rev Dr Chester U Strait and spouse, an American Baptist missionary couple to the Chins, started a Bible school in Hakha in 1928. Unfortunately, the school was closed in 1931. To meet the needs of the growing churches, two Bible Schools were opened againat two places: one at Tiddim in 1947 running up to 1950 by Rev & Mrs Franklin and Phileda Nelsons (also American Baptist missionary couple), the other one at Hakha in 1948 running up to 1950 by Rev & Mrs Robert G and Elizabeth Johnsons, the last American Baptist missionary couple to the Chins.

Because of the long furlough of the missionaries the two Bible Schools were discontinued and a new Bible school was started again at Tiddim in 1953. Rev S T Hau Go (Native Chin) was put in charge of it. However, Rev S T Hau Go was elected as the General Secretary of the newly formed Zomi Baptist Convention (present Chin Baptist Convention) and thus moved to Falam. As a result, the Bible School was moved to Hakha in 1954 with a view that it would be better managed by the returned Johnsons. The Bible School was again moved from Hakha to Falam in 1959 in accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee of Chin Baptist Convention. In 1990 the Chin Christian Literature Society (the present CACC) of the Hakha Chin language group opened a Chin Bible School (BCS) in Hakha. After two years the Chin Christian Literature Society changed its name to “Chin Association for Christian Communication (CACC).” The Chin Bible School was renamed as “Chin Christian College” by the 8 th Executive Committee Meeting of CACC at Thantlang on May 22,1993. Finally, the name CCC was changed again to “Chin Christian University (CCU)” by the 9 th Triennial Delegate Meeting of CACC held at Hakha Khuahlun Baptist Church, Hakha on April 4, 2015. Since then, the term President was used to designate the head of the University.

As hinted by its name, CCU aims at giving not only theological knowledge but also liberal arts which will be practically helpful for the uplift and progress of the Chins as demanded by the community. It is not without reason. As the only Christian State in Myanmar, Chin State has suffered a lot of discriminations. While there are nearly 200 colleges and universities in the country, Chin State is the only State where there is no single university till the end of the first decade of twenty first century. Thus, most of the young people (presumably 70 percent) in Chin State are unemployed, and they cannot manage for their future. Even if they want to work, there is no job and consequently they leave Chin State and hook up with bad things.

Accordingly, CCU started Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies (BAE) in 2000 and hundreds of students have graduated. The graduates of BAE so far are fruitful and useful for the Chin community. After 12 years, upon the recommendation of the Board of Trustees, CCU started Bachelor of Business Administration course in June 2014, which is fully funded by Stefanus Alliance International in Norway. Diploma in Business Administration program was started in the same year and Diploma in English Language Studies program in 2017.

Financially, CCU is supported by the sixteen Baptist Associations and local churches under CACC by donating 1.5% of their main income to CCU. The policy may be changed in the future. Structurally, CCU is a separate body under CACC. At present, CCU is one of the full-fledged accredited members of the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA).

Presidents of CCU

1. Rev Dr Jones Mang Hup, 1990 June–October (Acting)
2. Rev Dr David Van Bik, 1990–1996
3. Rev Dr John Cuai Sang, 1996–1998
4. Rev Dr Hla Aung, 1998–2004
5. Rev Dr Henry Siang Kung, 2004 to 2020
6. Rev Dr Luke Sui Kung Ling, 2021 (Present)