Student Council

So as to promote a spirit of community, service and self- government, our University has a Student Council, which is governed by bylaws prepared by the students and approved by the faculty. The aims of this council are:

to promote fellowship, unity and understanding among the students;
to promote witnessing for Christ inside and outside the campus;
to promote coordination between staff and student body in carrying out campus
work, gospel activities, athletic program, financial matter, social program, publication, and
to cooperate with students of other universities and colleges.

The Office Bearers of the Student Council are:

1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Assistant Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Assistant Treasurer

Under the umbrella of Student Council, there are the following committees:

1. Messing Committee
2. E & M Committee
3. Agriculture Committee
4. Health Committee
5. Athletic Committee
6. Finance Committee
7. Decoration Committee
8. Social Committee
9. Literature Committee
10. Livestock Committee
11. Carpenter Committee
12. Music Committee
13. Women Committee
14. Dormitory Committee

The backbone of Student Council is an Executive Committee which comprises of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurers, Auditors, Chairpersons of sub-committees, Dorm Father and Mother, class representatives, and Dean of Students Affairs from the faculty as advisor. Each sub-committee is empowered to make decision and carry out its programs. The Student Council is very effective since every student is given the opportunity to prove himself or herself in leadership, social dealings, administrative and financial trustworthiness, emotional and spiritual maturity and social welfare among others. The students have the right to make proposal to the Faculty Council. Volunteer students are invited as library helpers.